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Stratitec, Inc. was founded in 2000 as a quality supplier of computer cabling, video cards, USB hubs, multimedia card readers, surge suppressors, and inkjet printer refill kits. These products were not only sold in stores nationwide, but also online through our partner, DatatekUSA.

In 2008, Stratitec switched its focus to ink and refillable inkjet cartridges, and by 2015, Stratitec and DatatekUSA had merged together. Many of Stratitec's loyal ink product customers were first introduced to our ink products at their local Sam's Club, Staples, Wal-Mart, or Thousands and thousands of quality Stratitec inkjet refill kits have made their way to satisfied customers around the world, and with your continued patronage, Stratitec will continue providing you with the highest quality ink products for years to come.

Stratitec salutes all of you old school drill and fill customers. Although Stratitec no longer provides factory refilling instructions for newer OEM cartridges as they are released, you can still follow THIS LINK link to access our older cartridge refilling instructions list. If your OEM cartridge model is not listed, there are a number of websites with OEM refilling instructions (youtube is a good source). And of course you can continue to rely on Stratitec universal ink to meet all your refilling needs, regardless of when your inkjet printer was manufactured.

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